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all Watercolor Classes are given online on Zoom until further notice.

If you're already on my mailing list, you'll get emails announcing all upcoming Zoom classes.
To join, just email me at:  

Currently I'm offering these Zoom courses:

4-week Absolute Beginner course
-Week Class in Flowers and Bouquets
3-Week Nature Landscape class
3-Week Urban Landscape, different courses for NYC and classic European buildings
3-Week Portraits of People
3-Week Animals - Fur, Feathers, Fins

To come in the near future:
3-Week Perspective and Incidental Figures in Landscape
3-week  Composition and Color Mixing

The fee for 3-week Zoom classes is $95; a 4-week class is $130, via Zelle or Venmo.

I can send a PayPal invoice if you prefer, though that carries a $4 surcharge (sorry).

* Suggestions for class topics are welcome! *

can be arranged online via Zoom in your choice of topic.
usually available mid-day on weekdays, but I'm flexible.

The fee is $70 for one hour and 45 minutes per person, and
there's a discount if you do the lesson with a friend.

Any questions, just shout!   Full updated Supplies List is below.

May we be painting together soon IRL...meanwhile, stay safe, sane, and healthy!




Everything you’ll need to paint at home in our Zoom classes.

I know it seems overwhelming at first, but just read

through only need paper, paints, and brushes.


The only thing I insist on is top quality paper: Arches brand paper (or any 100% COTTON wc paper) 

but otherwise you’re welcome to buy whatever brand paints and brushes you prefer. 


The following list is very good quality student-grade supplies, all available online. The big three sites are (with four stores in Manhattan - be sure they're open)





1. PRINCETON Brush Set  

Set of 6 Golden Taklon Brushes (No. 9153) – about $12


This synthetic Golden Taklon short handled brush set includes the following shapes and sizes:  

Round 1, 6 and 12, Liner 2, Angular Shader 1/2" and Wash 3/4".




2. Creative Inspirations DuraHandle Short (yellow) 

Handle Round Brush Sets

Please order the ROUND set of five. This brand also offers a FLAT set of three brushes...

BUT I actually prefer these three Fundamentals blue-handled flats: about $12 total.

Fundamentals Short Handle Flat Brush Set No. 17,  SKU 75137






100% COTTON paper is ESSENTIAL! Please note that many art supply websites 

    are often sold out of the Arches pads. 

HOWEVER, you can buy full 22x30-inch sheets of Arches paper (or any other 100% cotton paper)

    and cut them into sixths or eighths.

See the list of acceptable 100% COTTON brands below.


ARCHES Watercolor Pads –

Cold Press, 140-lb. 9x12” (GREEN cover)

OR  Rough Press, 140-lb. 9x12” (ORANGE cover)


About $15.  If they’re out of COLD press, order ROUGH press (Orange cover) instead. Very little difference.


Arches Watercolor Pads are 140 lb. 100% cotton Watercolor Paper in a 12 sheet, top-taped pad.  

(“Blocks” are taped on all four sides, and are annoying to use imho.)  

Either COLD PRESS or ROUGH PRESS are just fine.


also at


also at


Other brands are okay ONLY IF THEY ARE 100% COTTON.

100% COTTON is an absolute must. PLEASE be sure to check that before you order.

If they’re out of pads, buy 2 or 3 full sheets (22x30 inches) of these 100% COTTON brands below,

and cut them into sixths or eighths.  About $5 to $7 per sheet.

Not all sites carry all brands, but it’s worth shopping around at the big three above or on amazon.  

  1. ARCHES sheets
  2. FABRIANO ARTISTICO sheets (avoid their student pads!)
  3. Cheap Joe’s KILIMANJARO sheets
  4. Saunders-Waterford
  5. Winsor & Newton
  6. Strathmore GEMINI paper (but ONLY Gemini)
  7. Whatman
  8. Lanaquarelle
  9. Hahnemuhle
  10. Jack Richeson
  11. Twinrocker


**ABSOLUTELY DO NOT** buy any of those cheaper “ideal for students” pads!

ie Strathmore, Canson, Fabriano Studio, or the like. 

They’re a total waste of money for beginners and horrible for working on wet paper. 

(But if you already have those, don't throw them out. When you get pretty good, 

then you can use them for wet-on-dry paintings. Counter-intuitive, but true.)







If your budget requires a less expensive paint option:

1. YARKA Student Watercolors, 12 Color Pan Set


I do prefer tube paints, but this is an acceptable alternative.


Item ID   JR38011   about $7




2. Student Watercolor Tubes


For those who want to get a little more serious with better quality student paints:


VAN GOGH (my fave – really excellent for the price) or 

GRUMBACHER ACADEMY student-grade tube paints are the best.

Around $3 to $4 per tube; please avoid sets, which never have exactly the right color combinations.


7 Essential Van Gogh brand colors:

Azo Yellow Light  (Lemon Yellow is okay, but quite opaque)

Azo Yellow Deep, aka Gamboge or Indian Yellow

Permanent Red Light, or any Vermilion or Scarlet or orange-red paint

Quinadcridone Rose, aka Permanent Rose

Ultramarine Blue

Prussian Blue

Burnt Siena


3 Optional colors: (recommended, but not essential)

Sap Green

Raw Siena

Burnt Umber


Also available on


For tube paints, you’ll need a palette...see below.




3. Artist-grade Watercolor tubes


If you care to spend more, virtually any brand of artist-grade paint is a good choice.



Check; not all sites carry all brands. 


Absolute Minimum Palette: Lemon Yellow, Permanent or Quinacridone Rose, Prussian Blue


Recommended colors:

Lemon Yellow

Scarlet or Vermilion

Burnt Siena

Permanent or Quin. Rose

Ultramarine Blue

Prussian Blue

Sap Green or any green you like


optional Earth colors: Raw Siena and Burnt Umber




My favorite PALETTE:  


Small or larger, either is fine. Really any palette you like is fine; palette choice is very personal.



Cheap Joe's Folding Palette, Large

10" x 5-1/2"







  about $10   (there's a similar, smaller palette, but the larger is much better)


Same palettes from Dick Blick:


NOTE: It's best to FILL UP the wells in your palette TO THE TOP with paint, leave it open, 

and let the paint dry for about 24 hours. Keep open palettes out of reach of children and pets.




On other websites:




Available at most drugstores. Alas, impossible to order just one or two on Amazon, but you 

can do it on Jerrys or Cheapjoe’s sites. Or just wash out a small hairspray bottle or the like.




8-oz. with trigger:






These are very big, floppy brushes used for wetting the paper more easily. Three options:

1. find an old blusher brush, wash it thoroughly, and it works just fine.

2. buy an E.L.F. brand big blusher brush, white handle, about $3 in most drugstore cosmetic depts.

3. buy a “real” mop or hake (rhymes with hockey) brush in an art store or site.  

    (Beware: they’re way more expensive)


mop brush:


hake brushes:






If you plan to keep painting, it’s nice to have one or more SCRUBBER brushes to correct mistakes 

or delete errant bits of paint. One Medium-size one is plenty, but check out the set of 3 

at the bottom of this page:






Quieter and quicker than a hairdryer, but a hairdryer works just fine. 

Caution: Heat guns get REALLY hot, and NEVER use an extension cord with these. But very useful! 


If that link doesn't work, just search for "buy Ranger Heat Craft Tool" and be sure to get the one 

for the USA, not the UK. They used to be about $25, but as of 11/20 they are about $43.





SO handy to trace images you have printed out. You can just use your window during the day,
but this is handy after the sun sets.  About $20 or $25.  

Note: It requires being plugged into a standard USB port.

If this link no longer works, search for the

AGPtek A4 Ultra-thin Portable LED Artcraft Tracing Light Pad

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to email me at   watercolorclass@gmail     

            Classes below have been suspended
until it's safe again to meet in person.

Watercolor for Absolute Beginners
6-Week Beginner Classes
3-Week Basic Drawing Classes  

3-Week Watercolor Mini-Classes on one topic

 For full class descriptions and dates, scroll down. Questions? Just email me for more details.

You can choose from two identical 6-week BEGINNER WATERCOLOR classes, several one-day WORKSHOPS, and several 3-week one-topic MINI-CLASSES. These 3-week Tuesday Mini-Classes are open to those who have already completed the Beginner course; see below for more info.

The 3-week INTRO to DRAWING class is open to everyone, at any level. 

TO JOIN MY EMAIL LIST: If you're interested in an upcoming class, a workshop, or a class later on, please email me now so I can let you know about future classes.

Each Beginner class runs 2.5 hours for 6 weekly sessions; each costs $285 ($275 if you pay cash).

Mini-classes run 2.5 hours on three consecutive Tuesdays, and cost $150 ($140 if you pay cash)
One-Day Workshops are $140 ($130 if you pay cash) and run  from 11 am until  4 or 4:30 pm.

The discount is also accepted via Venmo and Zelle as well as with cash.

PRIVATE INSTRUCTION is available at $95 for one hour and 45 minutes. Details below.

TO REGISTER:  All you need to do is email me and tell me three things:  
which class and which day you want to sign up for,
and whether you want a supplies Kit
The Beginner's Kit is $60 - description below.

TO PAY: I much prefer cash at the first session, or Venmo or Zelle; all allow you the $10 discount. If you'd prefer to use your credit card, you can also use the PayPal buttons instead.

LOCATION:  All classes meet at  24-32 Union Square East, Studio 509. That address is the same as "Park Avenue South, between 15 and 16 Streets" in New York City. It's the Park South Plaza office building, two doors north of the Raymour-Flanigan furniture store.

Take the left-hand elevators to the fifth floor; Studio 509 is at the end of the hall, just around the corner
.     Subways: 4, 5, 6, L, N, R, Q, W.  (Do check to be sure the L is running that day.)



Please note that students must be age 17 or older to attend these classes.

Thursday evenings, from 7 till 9:30 pm and 

Saturday afternoons, from 12 noon - 2:30 pm
Planned exercises in all basic techniques. Designed for those who have never painted with watercolor, or those who would like to expand their skills. 

Small classes of six or seven people, zero pressure, lots of patient help.

If you prefer, you can buy a "Beginner's Kit," with everything you need, for $60 (about 15% less than shopping for individual items).

- a 12-sheet pad of 9x12” Arches brand top-quality paper;

- half a tube of each of 10 colors, plus free refills during class if you need them;

- a portable folding plastic palette;

-  4 high-quality synthetic brushes: large and small, flats and rounds.


Thursday, MAY 14, 7 pm
Week 1            Thursday May 14
Week 2   May 21
Week 3 May 28
 Week 4 June4
Week 5 June 11
Week 6 June 18

The FOLLOWING 6-week courses will start in late June.


12 noon

Week 1 Sat, May 16
BREAK NO class May 23
Week 2 May 30
Week 3 June 6
Week 4 June 13
Week 5 June 20
Week 6 June 27

The FOLLOWING 6-week courses will start someday when we can go out and meet again.

Email me to sign up, or just to be put on my email list so you'll get announcements with dates of upcoming classes.

To register for the 6-week CLASS ONLY with NO KIT: $285.00 via credit card.

Note: The class fee is discounted $10 if you pay
$275 CASH at the first session. I also accept Venmo and Zelle.

If you prefer to pay $285 with a credit card, for this or ANY 6-week Class   WITHOUT the Beginner's Kit, 
click on the Buy Now button below:
TO REGISTER, JUST EMAIL ME and tell me which class and which day you want. Include your cell number, please.

PLEASE NOTE: The fees here are correct; I will soon change the PayPal buttons, which are incorrectly $280 and $340, to reflect the fees on this page.

To register for the 6-week CLASS PLUS
THE SUPPLIES KIT: $345.00 via credit card.

Again, you get a $10 discount if you pay CASH, Venmo or Zelle now or at the first session, so the fee is $335.00 for BOTH the Beginner's Kit AND any 6-Week Class. (The Kit is always $60.)

If you prefer to pay $345 using a credit card for both the Class and the Kit, please use the PayPal Buy Now button below.  
NOTE: TO REGISTER, JUST EMAIL ME and  tell me which class and which day you want,
and include your cell number, please.


Individual lessons are vailable at $95 for one hour and 45 minutes.  

We can focus on exactly what you want to learn, and work at your own pace.

By appointment; usually late morning or early afternoon.
Please email me for details.   

Bring a friend, and the total fee for one session is $170 ($85 per person per session, a savings of $10 per person).

For three or more people, it's $75 per person per session. No personal checks, please. I prefer cash, but am happy to accept Venmo or Zelle.
in Watercolor


Intetrmediate level; open to those who have completed the Beginner class, or who have previous watercolor experience.

These mini-classes each run for 3 sessions on consecutive Tuesday evenings, from 6:30 pm to 9 pm. (Note that some classes may have a break, due to travel plans.)


If you're interested, please email me to get on my mailing list. You'll be sent annoucements for all future courses.

The fee is $150.  

Each course includes a review of the basics, a demo of several useful techniques, exercises, and time for you to work from your own photos or paintings you find online…with individual help, of course.



Upcoming mini-courses:


Basic Drawing ($195)
Trees and Foliage,

Working on Wet Paper.

Watercolor Rescue Squad

Alternative Techniques


Dates vary, but all classes are currently on Tuesdays
at 6:30 pm.
To get on my mailing list, email me
for future course


STILL LIFE WITH FLOWERS: Color and Composition

fee $150

Open to those who have already taken the

Beginner course, or have previous

experience in watercolor.

The Mini-Course fee is $150 if you pay

with credit card using PayPal; just click

on the button below


Note: There's a $10 discount if you pay

$140 cash, or Venmo or Zelle, at the

first session.

(Apologies, but no discount on the

$195 3-week Drawing class. Either cash,

Venmo or Zelle is accepted for the Drawing class.)

 3-Week MINI-COURSE in DRAWING for Absolute Beginners
This 3-week Mini-class is given two or three times a year; there is also a one-day Drawing Workshop given occasionally.

Class covers all the basic drawing skills:
1. Drawing shapes and learning to shade to create values and depth; estimating angles and ratios.
2. Sight drawing, and training your eye to see proportions,  and size in a still life;
3. Perspective basics;  and a bit about portrait basics, if we have time. 

Homework assgts. and exercises are mandatory and given every week. We have limited time to draw in class, so homework needs to be done on your own time.

You'll also need a small, pocket-sized notebook; part of your homework is to draw in it for at least 5 minutes every day, anything you like. A list of suggestions will be given.

Or just download a drawing app on your phone!
Tuesday evenings,
from 6:30 - 8:30 pm.

dates to come

Please email me to check about dates for other courses: The One-day Drawing workshops, or future 3-Week Mini-Courses in Drawing.

To register, just email me and tell me you want to sign up for the 3-WEEK DRAWING CLASS.
Include your cell number, please

The fee is $195 cash, Venmo, or PayPal; sorry, but no discount on this class.

If you prefer to use a credit card, click on the PayPal button below to pay:  (The $195 fee will be updated soon on PayPal)

SUPPLIES: You already have them: an ordinary pencil and sheets of printer/xerox paper.

It's not necessary, but you're encouraged to use a sketchpad (any paper that appeals to you) and 4B drawing pencils (or charcoal pencils, or pens of any kind). Sketchbook should be at least 9x12", but it can be as large as you like.

You'll also need a small, pocket-sized notebook; part of your homework is to draw in it for at least 5 minutes every day, anything you like.
Saturday at  3 pm.

This class is currently full, but please email if you'd like to be put on the list to attend in the future.
Landscape, portraits, and more...for those who have taken the Absolute Beginner class, and want to refine their skills and paint  their own projects.

Unlike the Beginner class, this class has no structured, formal instruction. Everyone gets individual help with her or his own project.

Occasional demos are given in
- negative-space painting
- semi-abstract landscape
- portraits and people

The Fee is $45 per class.
Ongoing Open Class
$45 per class
Currently FULL
Saturday from
3 till 5:30 pm

A weekly "are you in?" email is sent to interested students; class meets when at least 3 people plan to attend (which is virtually always). 

Please EMAIL ME if you plan to drop in, to confirm the class will meet that evening.

PLEASE NOTE that very occasionally I go out of town; so please be sure to check if class is on..
Also, email me if you'd like to be put on my weekly email annoucement list.
     No obligation; no need to reply if you don't plan to come.  
     But you'll always be alerted when the drop-in class is being held. 

You can drop in any time for $40 per class (cash, Venmo, or Zelle).

email me to be sure the Tuesday or Saturday class is on for that week -- occasionaly I'm out of town, or the weather is really bad.


One-Day Workshops run from  11 am to 1:30, a 45-minute break for lunch, and 2:15 to 4:15 pm.

One-Day workshop fee: $140 if paid online; there's a $10 discount if you pay $130 cash at the door.

Full Materials Kit: $60  Folding plastic palette, half-tube of each of 10 colors, 4 brushes, 12-sheet pad of Arches paper, about 20% less than buying it all yourself.

Materials Fee: $5. This "rental" fee includes all you need to borrow, and you of course keep your paintings.

Descriptions and dates of the Beginner and Intermediate Workshops are in the next column. Email me for more information.

If you prefer to work on larger paper (11x15" quarter-sheets or 15x22" half-sheets), you can purchase these during the workshop for $2 and $4 each.

Please note: Dates rarely change...but occasionally they do, due to weather, illness, or unforeseen travel. 

So PLEASE email me to re-confirm.

All run 11 am till 4:15 pm, with 45 minutes for lunch.


Fee: $140, with a $10 discount if you pay $130 cash at the workshop. $5 materials fee if you need to borrow supplies.


FLOWERS WORKSHOP   11 to 4:15 pm

For all levels. Blossoms and bouquets on both dry and wet paper. Some basic techniques, plus NEW exercises every time.  

    date to come

Introduce yourself to watercolor, or refine your basic skills, in just one day. Basic brushstrokes and color mixing. You'll paint simple flowers, fruits, and a mountain landscape with a stormy sky.

* * *

How to create colorful, random underpaintings that will enhance any subject matter. You will have a choice of two images (landscape or floral) to paint over your completed underpainting(s). 


DRAWING for Watercolor

to 4:15 pm

Crash course covering creating and shading of basic shapes, learning to see and judge the 'big shapes' before you begin to draw, basic perspective, and basics of drawing the face. No drawing from live models.

* * *
BREAKING ALL THE RULES of Watercolor - Workshop

    date to come  


Alternative and non-traditional impressionist techniques, including spattering, spraying with water, and scumbling.

This is an advanced class, open only to those who have already taken the Beginner class or have previous experience.

* * *

Date to come 
11 to 4:15 pm 

For all levels. Various techniques for impressionist trees, forests, foliage, and grass.  

* * *

Date to come 

11 to 4:15 pm

Basics of color theory, planning color choices, and how to use water and pigments to create exactly the colors you need. 

* * *
SKIES and/or SEAS Workshop:

Date to come  

11 to 4:15 pm

Beginner and Intermediate levels. Basic techniques for clouds, sunsets, and atmospheric  skies;  and/or  techniques for creating impressionist waves and water reflections.

* * *

VALENTINE CARD Workshop --  given in late January or early February.

Hearts, flowers, whatever you like for your sweetie.

* * *

WINTER HOLIDAY CARD Workshop: Nov. or Dec.

Create your own watercolor cards for the winter holidays...paint each one individually, or create one image (any size) and use it to have cards made with an online printing service.   

Learn how to use table salt and kosher salt to create snow effects.

This workshop will demo at least 5 simple holiday designs and variations (candles, pine trees, winter forest, ornament, wreath, etc) using spatter, subtrac- tive techniques, and 'traditional' watercolor.

email  me to say that you want to sign up for a particular Workshop. Include your cell number, please.

If you pay cash at the Workshop, there's a $10 discount. That is, the fee is $130 when paid in cash, or Venmo or Zelle.

If you prefer to use a credit card...
To Sign Up and pay $140 for any 1-Day Workshop WITHOUT the Mini-Kit, click on the Buy Now button below:

(If you like, you can pay a $5 cash Materials Fee to borrow everything you need. You'll keep your paintings, of course.)

is available at $95 for one hour and 45 minutes. 
By appointment; usually late morning or early afternoons on weekdays. Please email me for details or questions..

Bring a friend, and the total fee for one session is $170 ($85 per person per session, a savings of $10 per person).

For three or more people, it's $75 per person per session. I prefer cash, but am happy to accept Venmo or Zelle.

TIM SATERNOW: Alternative Techniques in Watercolor

2-Day Workshop - Dates to come
Tim is a master watercolorist whose award-winning work is represented by galleries in Vermont and California.

Open to Intermediate level students only That is, you need to have already taken the Absolute Beginner 6-week class, OR have other prior experience using watercolor.

Examples of Tim's work are on his website: 

Saturday and Sunday,
10:15 am till 4:30 pm,
with 45 minutes for lunch.

FEE: $350

Please email both Tim and me if you'd like to be on the alert/waiting list.

note: The fee is non-refundable.  If you later cannot attend, and If there is no one on the waiting list who is able to take your place on short notice, Tim regrets that there can be no refund. We will make every effort to maintain a waiting list, of course.
Again, the fee is non-refundable

If you later cannot attend, and If there is no one on the waiting list who is able to take your place on short notice, I regret that there can be no refund. We will make every effort to maintain a waiting list, of course.

To pay $350 for Tim's Workshop, go to Tim's website at

Then click the Buy Now button on Tim's site; your credit card will be charged $350.

"What if I have to miss a class?"

Don't worry -- you can make up a missed class in the next 6-week cycle, or in any future cycle. There's no expiration date. The classes don't really "build" on one another, so you won't fall behind. 

"How do I pay?"

I prefer cash, paid at the first class. No personal checks, please. 

Please NOTE that if you pay in cash, Venmo, or Zelle, there's a $10 discount on the class fee (except for the Drawing classes).

You can also pay by credit card via PayPal by clicking on the "Buy Now" buttons above. 

The fee is $285 via PayPal for the 6-week class alone; if you pay cash, it's $275

The fee is $345 via PayPal for the 6-week class plus the Beginner Kit of materials; $335 if you pay cash.

The fee is $195 for the 3-week Drawing Class.  (sorry, no discount on this one)

The fee is $140 for a 1-Day Workshop; $130 if you pay cash/

The fee is $150 for a 3-Week Mini-Course; $140 if you pay cash.

Money orders are also fine; please, no personal checks.

If you don't use PayPal, please bring your cash payment (preferably in an envelope, even a used one, with your name on it)  to the first class or the Workshop.

If you don't already have a PayPal account,you need to register at 
PayPal is a safe, free and secure on-line service that allows you to pay with MasterCard, VISA, or an electronic check you can authorize your bank to send.

REMEMBER: TO REGISTER, you need to tell me four things via EMAIL, please:
  1. which CLASS you want (Beginner, Mini, Private, or the name of the Workshop)
  2. which DAY you want (Tues, Thursday, Saturday) 
  3. whether you need a Beginner's KIT of materials, or 'rental' materials
  4. also, please TEXT ME your class choice, so i have your CELL number, just in case I need to cancel due to weather, etc.
It's easiest to connect with me via  email at
(Sorry, I'm old school -- I run the class registration from my desktop.)

Or text me at 917-804-1635 and include your email address. If you call, leave your name and spell it...slowly and clearly, please. But I much prefer email or text, thanks!

Any questions? Just shout!

LOCATION of all classes: 
24-32 Union Square East, STUDIO 509. Take elevators on the LEFT.

That address is the same as "Park Avenue South, between 15 and 16 Streets."

Enter the Park South Plaza office building just north of the Raymour-Flanigan furniture store and the Vitamin Shoppe...two blocks north of the Union Square/14th Street subway station.

Subways: 4, 5, 6, L, N, R, Q, W  (CHECK to be sure that the L is running that day)

Take the NORTH elevators (to the LEFT) to the fifth floor, and go to the end of the hallway;
   STUDIO 509
is around the corner on the right..

Please have the room number with you; the security guard changes frequently, and he may not know where to send you.

If you get there late and the outside door is locked, call 917-804-1635 and we'll come let you in.
But it's a busy building, and there's virtually always someone who will open the door to enter or leave within a few minutes.

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